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The Jewish Home’s policies on environmental issues



the Environment  ›  Environmental Regulation

Should the government increase environmental regulations on businesses to reduce carbon emissions?

TJH>TJH  Party’s support baseYes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

the Environment  ›  Animal Testing

Should researchers be allowed to use animals in testing the safety of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and cosmetics?

TJH>TJH  Party’s support baseYes

the Environment  ›  Fracking

Do you support the use of hydraulic fracking to extract oil and natural gas resources?

TJH>TJH  Party’s support baseYes

the Environment  ›  Genetically Modified Foods

Do you support the use of genetically engineered crops and foods?

TJH>TJH  Party’s support baseYes

the Environment  ›  Corporate Subsidies

Should cities be allowed to offer private companies economic incentives to relocate?

TJH>TJH  Party’s support baseYes

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